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Testosterone Cypionate – 200mg/ml – 10ml

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  • Testosterone Cypionate pure manufactured in our Italian labs. The Testosterone Cypionate, here on sale, comes in a sealed sterile vial containing 10ml of liquid product. The concentration is 200mg per ml of liquid.
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  • The Testosterone Cypionate is quite comparable with the Enanthate, and is very popular in America

Testosterone Cypionate in probably the most used Test in the USA and is very similar to the Testosterone Enanthate.  They are so similar because back in time, way back the Internet was a thing, Test E was a patent in Europe only and was very expensive to be imported in America, therefore U.S.A. created their own long ester testosterone and they called it Cypionate due to the cypionate easter attached. The difference between the two is very minimal. Generally speaking test cypionate comes in slightly less concentration because requires a bit more chemicals to solve in oil.
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Testosterone Cipionato Vendita Italia

3 reviews for Testosterone Cypionate – 200mg/ml – 10ml


    Best alternative to the Test E at the better price

  2. Chase Irons

    I did buy few vials of Test C for some clients in the USA and they seemed very happy

  3. matt jansen

    Better than the american version

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