About Us

We are the n.1 PED manufacturer lab in Italy and one of the best in Europe …. 


farmacia italiana genova laboratory

We are a cutting edge chemical laboratory FDA approved based in Italy – Busalla (GE) born to test generic medicines and Performance Enhancement Drugs. Since few years ago we opened also a production department and an online store.

Our lab has the best gears to manufacture the best gears for our clients. The laboratory is safe, clean and follows the FDA and EU regulations.  

Our Goal:

In the world there are many UGLs (Underground Labs) and every day a new one is born and an old one disappear. Unfortunately the quality is almost never up to the task. Farmacia Italiana Genova has the goal to produce and sell ONLY products with purity above 97%. If the product won’t meet our standards we put it out of stock till the next batch will be produced and tested. Because we produce and sell directly to customers our prices are very convenient.

If you have any question or you’re looking for a product that you don’t find listed please feel free to contact us

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