HGH Somatropin 20iu – 6,6mg – 99,3% pure

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  • HGH Growth Hormone (Somatropin) 99,3% pure manufactured in our Italian labs by Farmacia Italiana Genova. Our Somatropin 99,3%, here on sale, comes in a sealed sterile small vial containing 6,6mg of hormone – 20 units – with black top
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  • Our HGH comes in slightly bigger vials with the double of the product inside if compared with the competitors. This allows us to put 20iu in a single vial for a better price.

Somatropin (or HGH or Growth Hormone) is a very requested PED and it is a fundamental hormone to grow and build muscle. The purity of this product is 99,3% and it comes in a vial with 20iu of HGH in it to be recomposed with sterile or BAC water. The vial has a black top.

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Somatropina HGH 20iu Top Nero

1 review for HGH Somatropin 20iu – 6,6mg – 99,3% pure


    On big demand our HGH Somatropin is available in a brand new format: 20iu. Black top

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